Figure 1: Mr Ma from YASTI and Dr Renagi from Unitech (PC: YASTI)

UPNG Centre of Renewable Energy joined the Appropriate Technology & Community Development Institute (ATCDI) from the PNG University of Technology in Kunming, China to launch the “China-South Pacific Island Countries Technology Transfer Centre (CSPTTC)” to be set-up at the PNG University of Technology.  CSPTC aims to explore cooperative demands, to broaden science & technology cooperative channel in terms of addressing climate change and new and renewable energy, promote training demonstration on advanced and applicable technologies. To foster business-to-business cooperation, to improve capacity in mitigating climate change, to modify the energy structure, in a bid to accelerate social and economic development in the region.

The meeting involved a forum on the first day, and a 3 day workshop that involved presentations on latest research in China on solar cell materials and smart grids, and field visitation photovoltaic installations in Kunming, Yunnan-China.

Figure 2: Delegates from the Pacific (PC: YASTI)

Delegates from other agencies in PNG as well as representatives from Samoa, Vanuatu and the Kingdom of Tonga were also present at the meeting.

The workshop was facilitated by two senior professors and an industry expert in Kunming. The first professor facilitated a workshop on science and manufacturing of solar cells, the second professor from Thailand on presented on Smart Grids, and the Industry expert shared his experience with installing small photovoltaic (10 kW to 300 kW) installations especially for water pumping in irrigation systems.

Figure 3: Workshop Participants with Certificates of Participation (PC: YASTI)

The field trip involved visiting the Kunming University of Technology, YASTI 50 kW rooftop solar farm, the 66MW YEIG Stone Forest Solar Farm, Solar PV-Powered Irrigation Facility and Solar PV Wall Installation at the Yunnan Normal University.

Figure 4: Part of the 66-MW YEIG Rock Stone Solar Farm (More panels on the other side of the lakes)

Figure 5: NOC for the YEIG Stone Forest Solar Farm

Figure 7: Solar Powered Irrigation Surface Pumps

Figure: 8 Transparent Solar PV Wall at Yunnan Normal University

Figure 9: Thin Film Solar PV Wall at Yunnan Normal University

Figure 10:  50 kW YASTI Rooftop Mini Solar Farm

Figure 11: Setup for Wind Turbine performance Experiments at Kunming University of Technology, Energy Laboratory


Figure 12: Setup for Solar Cell performance experiments at Kunming University of Technology, Energy Laboratory

UPNG CORE thanks ATCDI and Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technical Innovation (YASTI) for the invitation, and looks forward to work together to foster growth in renewable energy in the PNG and the Pacific.

Please contact Andrew Puy from ATCDI for more information about CSPTTC.