Structure of the Program

  • 50901: Renewable Resource Assessment


This course examines the availability and distribution of various renewable energy resources such as solar radiation, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass. The methods for measuring, monitoring and analysing these resources are described and some practical sessions are undertaken to illustrate these procedures. Principles for undertaking a resource assessment for a particular site are presented. This includes sources of data, analysis, and evaluation of that data and statistical estimation of data when actual data is not available.


  • 50902: Renewable Energy Technologies


This course examines the various technologies used to derive the natural renewable energy to useful forms such electricity, heating and fuels for transportation/industrial applications. These technologies include solar cells, wind turbines, hydropower systems, geothermal power plants and bioenergy technologies


  • 50903: Sustainability of Renewable Energy Systems

This course examines the environmental and social issues with setting up a renewable energy system. Moreover it analyses and evaluates  the pros and cons of the system to the surrounding environment and community as a whole.  Furthermore it looks at the global warming issue. Lastly this unit shows how to the important components of a  environmental and social impact study, and a climate change  variability assessment.


  • 50904: Economics and Financing of Renewable Energy Project


In this course the overview of the economic assessment is given from pre-feasibility study to decommissioning of system. Moreover this unit examines the overall financing of a renewable project from design to inception and operation to decommissioning.  At the end of unit green entrepreneurship techniques are discussed.


  • 50905: Energy Storage, Transmission and Distribution


This course examines the various storage technologies, energy transmission and distribution technologies suitable for intermittent-renewable energy sources in PNG and the Pacific.


  • 50906: Project Design and Management


This course focuses on the design of renewable energy systems taking into consideration the technical, economic and environmental issues. Renewable Energy project analysis software will be introduced and used to assist in design. Towards the second half of the course best practice project management skills will be introduced.


  • 50907: Energy Efficiency


This course examines the demand side of the energy sector, particularly the efficient use of energy to minimise wastage but enjoying the same service. In the process the students will engage in an energy audit exercise for a simple household to large buildings to determine wastage and suggest energy efficient measures.


  • 50908: Energy Access Plan and Policy


This course looks at the importance of a renewable energy policy and plans, and how it relates to the overall growth, encouragement and regulation of the renewable energy industry.


  • 50909: Sustainable Energy Research Project


Students are encouraged to work on projects that are in line with their current employment, or targeted areas that are currently in need in PNG