At the end of the Programme, the graduate should be able to:-

PO1.                     Investigate the resource viability of a potential site to produce modern forms of energy in PNG and the Pacific.
PO2.                     Evaluate current renewable energy systems/technologies suitable for resources in PNG and the Pacific
PO3.                     Design innovative energy systems that support sustainable economic growth, social empowerment, biological diversity, and environmental harmony for life on Earth.
PO4.                     Recommend financially sustainable models to initiate new sustainable energy projects in PNG and the Pacific
PO5.                     Plan a storage and or transmission/distribution system for the recommended intermittent-renewable-energy supply based on type of connectivity, environment and cost.
PO6.                     Design and manage a sustainable energy project from inception to decommissioning or at any stage in-between.
PO7.                     Conduct an energy audit and recommend energy efficiency methods and/or technologies.
PO8.                     Propose innovative policy ideas and plans to encourage the growth of sustainable energy in PNG and the Pacific
PO9.                     Communicate efficiently and effectively to a varied audience the benefits of a project or plans/policies/initiatives to encourage the growth of sustainable energy.